Towards the end of 2018 members & friends of Alresford Methodist Church were busy knitting little Christmas Angles. To help spread the good news of Christmas in the lead-up to the celebrations, these Christmas Angels were distributed around town for residents both old & young to find and keep.



  • Who picked them up?
  • Where are they now?

We were surprised and very pleased to receive a letter from Jane, regarding one partricular Christmas Angel ...

When Luke and Laura came to our Carol Service at Alresford, Laura took a knitted Angel with her back to Germany for Christmas. They attended the local Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve with her family and gifted the Angel to the church in Auhagan, Lower Saxony, North Germany. The church then gifted a star from their tree back to Alresford - enclosed here.

It could perhaps be stored with our decorations for use next year.

A lovely exchange.

Happy New Year.

Love Jane 

Thank you Jane (plus Laura & Luke), we will indeed store the Star carefully, for use next Christmas!