Breakfast Café


Our Breakfast Café has fondly become known as Bacon Butties – held always on the first Saturday of mostly every month, when we brew the coffee, switch on the grill and open the doors to welcome everyone and anyone from the community who might like to pop in to STOP, UNWIND and ENJOY the MOMENT on a busy Saturday morning. There will always be the mellow, serene coffee (or tea), delicious butties and a very warm welcome.



Time to meet other people, or just sit and read the papers, or join others with knitting squares to make blankets for the charity Bliss (for babies born premature or sick).



Or chat over some relaxing colouring (adult and children’s books provided), with toys for the kids available as well.






There are no charges made at this friendly and welcoming ‘Café’, but donations are gratefully accepted and in the first five months of 2018, a massive £500.29 has been donated and every penny is being sent to support TARIRO – a charity in Zimbabwe, based in Harare.

TARIRO means ‘HOPE’ in Shona (the Zimbabwean national language). HOPE for young girls orphaned by HIV/AIDS who are often forced to drop out of school due to lack of financial resources. This puts them at extremely high risk of contracting HIV themselves.

Over the years TARIRO has supported over 300 girls through their secondary education by providing all inclusive sponsorships that cover school fees, exam fees, uniforms and school supplies. TARIRO believes that education is a basic human right and should be available to all children regardless of socio-economic status. By working with these young female orphans, TARIRO seeks to ensure that even the most vulnerable of Zimbabwean children have access to the life-saving right of obtaining an education.

By enjoying a cup of coffee, a buttie, the friendship of others and lively chat of all around us in the comfort of our church coffee lounge and hall, we can give a little of what we have to help meet the challenges TARIRO is trying to address.

More information on TARIRO