Spring/Summer 2018

I do love it when we change the clocks and the lighter evenings arrive. Spring and summer are my favourite seasons. Spring signals new life after the dark, cold winter. In Spring new lambs are born, the trees blossom and hopefully the sun shines! As Christians it is the time of year when we celebrate the most special festival of them all, Easter. At Easter we rejoice that Christ is risen bringing healing and wholeness to all. We acknowledge however that there is still much suffering in the world and that Easter is not about a magic happy ending like in the movies. The resurrection can never erase the pain, anguish and suffering of the cross. The risen Christ still bears the scars of crucifixion for he is the wounded healer, the one who takes on and bears the pain and suffering of the world and through his resurrection transforms it bringing new life to all. Without winter there would be no Spring. Without Christ there would be no hope for the world. Thank God for Jesus.


Rev Ruth

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