Ladies meet as the "LYDIA Group" for a social evening, once a month ...




(first 5 months)


7th September

We begin the Lydia year with a craft evening “show and tell” – bring along item/s made by you and tell us how it’s done or, if you are not crafty yourself, you could bring something made by a friend or relation.

5th October

In a change from recent years, our meal together looking forward to the year ahead will be in October, not September. At The Alresford Cricketers – please let Margaret know if you will or will not be joining us, and give your menu choices (copy of menu will be emailed to you) not later than 1st October.

At 7pm

 2nd November

We will gather at the home of Jenny for a film night, to watch and (time permitting) discuss the film “Hidden Figures”. Bring your own popcorn!

 7th December

Christmas starts here as we party together. For this year’s theme we have chosen Santa’s [little] helpers and we invite you to come dressed or accessorised as one of the backroom workers who do such vital work with Santa each year. Please bring: finger food to share, ready to serve, sweet, savoury or liquid…. and Christmas readings to help us get in the mood. The evening will close with carol singing round the piano.

4th January

The bookworm evening – favourite cookery books, tell us why you love them, and perhaps share recipes as well. Plus, what is your favourite (portable) kitchen gadget? Bring it along and show how it works.






















Meetings are at 7.30 unless otherwise stated

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