Winter 2017-18

I have always considered being a Christian to be of far more importance than denominational allegiances. However, recently I’ve been taking time to think a little more deeply about what I value most about the Methodist tradition. I cherish the theological emphasis placed on prevenient grace. This means we believe that God first loved us, that God loves each and every person deeply and there is nothing any of us can do that will ever change that. In the Methodist Church we embrace an open table where all are invited to receive bread and wine at the celebration of Holy Communion.

Methodists hold strongly to a belief in the ministry of all God’s people and this is also something I value greatly. Methodist services are regularly led by fully accredited local preachers and worship leaders. At Alresford Methodist Church the gifts of many folk are used together in serving God. We have stewards, pastoral visitors, musicians, multimedia operators, flower arrangers etc. These are of course only a few of the many gifts people offer. The most important thing we are all able to offer, alongside Christians of many denominations across the world, is to take time to notice and simply be aware that we are always in the presence of God. This awareness of God’s presence in all things and in all people is what Christians call prayer.

Finally, it goes without saying that Methodists love to sing. The most recently published Methodist songbook is aptly named, ‘Singing the Faith’. I have always believed that singing is a spiritual activity, it lifts the soul. I’m certain Gareth Malone and the many choirs he’s launched recently think so too!

If you are new to Methodism or yet to try it you will always be made very welcome at Alresford Methodist Church. If like me you have been a Methodist for many years, then why not take the time to think again what it is you value most about the Methodist tradition.


Rev Ruth


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